You Talk. We Draw. It’s Awesome.

Ink Factory is a team of artists that helps organizations communicate visually. With decades of experience in business consulting, strategic visioning & planning, and creative problem-solving, we are the leaders in visual note-taking: the art and science of translating conversations into real-time drawings that help people process and remember information. Click here to download a summary of our core services.

Our mission is to create visual experiences that inspire and engage. Simply put, you talk, we draw, it’s awesome.™

visual notes

Transform your next meeting

Visual note-taking (aka graphic recording) involves capturing ideas in real-time using simple words and pictures that act as metaphors for complex ideas. Because visual notes align with how we learn best (visually!), they are a proven tool for helping people remember and easily connect ideas and concepts shared in settings like meetings, conferences, keynote sessions, and brainstorms.


Bring your ideas to life

We can tell your story using stunning visuals and dynamic animation. Our videos combine the core tenents of visual note-taking with the power of stop motion and animated graphics. We breathe new life into your story with our hand-crafted visuals while taking into consideration your business culture, branding, and intent.


Tell a refined visual story

Struggling to communicate your message? Our illustrations are a perfect way to engage your audience, share ideas quickly, and spark inspiration. Working with a variety of media and our visual language, we craft an illustration with your message, branding, and culture behind each stroke.


Take your audience on a journey

We’re exploring new and more innovative ways to elevate your conversation, convention, keynote speech, or weeklong strategy session. See your presentation come to life on the big screen with digital graphic recording. Create a living wall that will grow with each day of your conference. Illuminate your ideas with an LED light panel, or create a mural to celebrate your community.

The Powerful Science Behind Visual Note-Taking

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We're artists who can help you communicate

We have an unrivaled amount of experience

We’re visual metaphor masters. We have a vast visual vocabulary—that is, the icons we use to visualize key messages and concepts. Those visuals create “bookmarks” in the brain so audiences remember more information.

We work in real-time. This means each experience is authentic and unique; it can’t be planned in advance.

We’re rock star listeners. We don’t draw everything that is said. Rather we filter out extraneous information, then identify the key concepts. That makes complex content easier to understand.

We “get” what clients are looking for

Clients need to show measurable results. Visual note-taking can do a lot more than simply up the cool factor of an event. That’s why we give clients the tools needed to create measurable impact before, during, and after.

Clients want personalized solutions that set them apart. That’s why we develop custom visual experiences for every client. No cookie-cutter ideas here.

Clients want to work with professionals. From the contract phase through planning and execution, our established processes make Ink Factory easy to work with.

We advise and co-create

We’re problem solvers. We’re a naturally curious and creative group, and we use these skills to help clients find new ways to engage audiences.

We have a network of trusted partners. This means our capabilities aren’t limited to what we can do within our own four walls. From lighting design to print production, our expert partners ensure there’s no limit to what we can do.

Many of our clients are repeat customers, seeking our help time and again to create visual experiences.