A black and white stop motion animation
A frame from an animated video created by Ink Factory
An artist places paper butterflies in a stop motion video created for INTX
Red, white and black visuals created for a McGraw Hill Financial stop motion animation
A paper stop motion create for McGraw Hill Financial

We bring your ideas to life

We can tell your story using pictures in motion. Our videos and animations connect to your audience, align your team members, explain your complex ideas, and inspire endlessly. People will be compelled to share your ideas after they watch one of our eye-grabbing and engaging animations. We create them using everything from digital tools to paper and glue. Your options are unlimited – no cookie-cutter videos here – each animation is tailor made to have a distinct visual style. We always co-create with you to match your brand’s style, culture, and intent.

Any organization, big or small, has a story to tell. We’ve created videos for everyone from small non-profits to Fortune 100 companies. Get in touch, and we’ll discuss the best way to tell your story.


Our drawings break down complex concepts and large amounts of information into seamless and intuitively designed visuals. We listen to you to understand your content so we can present it in a way that communicates your ideas in the most effective way.


Images and emotions are processed in the same area of the brain, making our videos an effective way for organizations to engage and motivate people. Our hand-drawn animations are the best way to show off the human side of your organization.


Visuals are crucial to spreading ideas – don’t throw your content into the online void of the internet. When tweets are paired with a video, retweets get a 28% boost. And seeing eye-grabbing content makes your audience want to share, share, share.


Our videos never fail to inspire an audience. Seeing your ideas manifested in a completely new way will help you and your audience make connections, energized decisions, and find the right way forward.


People pay attention longer when their eyes and minds have something to do. Whether you’re creating an internal training video or explaining a new product to customers, we’ll keep your audience interested and excited.


Having an animation to communicate your message means you and your audience can stay on the same page. Employees, clients, and customers are pointed in the right direction.