A visual note-taker draws on stage during a speech
Participants snap a photo of visual notes
An artist creates digital visual notes during a keynote speech
A visual note-taker draws notes from a presentation
A visual note-taker draws live at a meeting
A visual note-taker draws on stage at Chicago Ideas

See your content like never before

Visual note-taking (also called graphic recording) involves capturing ideas in real-time using simple words and pictures that act as metaphors for complex ideas. Because visual notes align with how we learn best – visually – they are a proven tool for helping people remember and easily connect ideas and concepts shared in settings like meetings, conferences, keynote sessions, and trade shows.

Visual notes are a great solution if you want to add dimension to a discussion, improve understanding of content, or build an emotional connection with an audience. We can bring our skills to every corner of the globe. Contact us to learn how our network of experienced artists can elevate your event.


People learn best visually. In fact, we remember 80% of what we see, but only 10% of what we hear – visuals are a powerful way to reinforce your ideas and make sure your message is communicated loud and clear.


People pay attention longer when their eyes and minds have something to do. When we put pen to paper, your audience will engage with your content on a higher level for longer.


If a picture is truly worth a thousand words, then the visuals we create make your content infinitely more relatable and accessible. We listen to understand so we can present your information in the clearest way possible.


When everyone in the room is focused, the power of group genius is unleashed. People are drawn to our visuals, which makes them a perfect place for different ideas to come together.


Our artists’ unique ability to process, filter, and synthesize information into one cohesive visual means you and your audience can focus on what’s most important to accomplish your goals.


Our drawings never fail to inspire an audience. Seeing your ideas manifested in a completely new way will help you and your audience make connections, energized decisions, and find the right way forward.

How does it work?

We’ll work with you to create a game plan for the day of your event. Your artist(s) draw on large artist boards at the front of the room while they listen to your content live. When you’re done talking, we’re done drawing – which leaves you with an instant and beautiful record of the conversation. Sometimes we create one drawing; sometimes we create a dozen. It all depends on what will work best for your event and content.

We can also create visual notes digitally – which are perfect for incorporating into your keynote or panel discussion video stream. The audience will see the notes gradually fill with content from the presentation as time progresses.

Does your conference have multiple breakout sessions?

Having artists capture those sessions is a perfect way to share information with attendees who couldn’t make it to all the sessions.

Showcasing your product at a trade show booth?

Having an artist capture feedback and content from a trade show audience is a fantastic way for potential clients to engage with your brand.

Want to give thanks to your audience or speakers?

A printed version of your visual notes is a thoughtful way to thank your audience, panelists, or keynote speakers for sharing their ideas.


Visual note-taking workshops

Do you want to improve your listening skills, increase memory retention, and impress everyone at your next meeting? You can learn the ins and outs of visual note-taking from the pros at Ink Factory. Visual notes give you the power to unify your team, align on one vision, and communicate successfully. Once you start taking notes the Ink Factory way, your meetings will never be the same. We’ll design a custom workshop just for you – and we are happy to host you in our studio or travel to your office space. Contact us for a custom quote.