Case study: Purdue University’s Dawn or Doom

multiple visual note-taking sessions


Since a majority of us are visual learners, real-time visual note-taking is a perfect tool to retain, recall, and engage with information. That made us a powerful asset to Purdue University. They integrated us into their annual conference, Dawn Or Doom, which is an event that focuses on emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, facial recognition, internet surveillance, and data science.

Questions about the unforeseen consequences or malicious uses of such technology is discussed, and minds are always blown. Students used the large-scale visual notes as a reminder of all the sessions presented to continue the conversations well after the event. The folks at Purdue complied an in-depth book about the event from 2014-2016 featuring our visual notes.

“The audience loves watching the graphic version of the presentation develop right in front of them, and it’s quite amazing how the artists illustrate the spoken words creatively, yet accurately capture the highlights of the presentations. These works of art are so popular that they go on a ‘campus tour’ to be displayed in academic buildings after the event. The Ink Factory graphic notes are a part of the huge success of the annual Dawn or Doom conference.”

Diana Hancock | Director Business Development
Purdue Dawn or Doom Conferences