An illustration created for GE
The illustrated mural depicting the 100 year history of the American Marketing Association, created by Ink Factory
Ink Factory's illustrations printed in Northwestern University's School of Law magazine

A picture is worth a thousand words

Our perfectly organized but densely packed illustrations are a powerful way to communicate a message. Whether you need to educate the public, explain a new initiative to your internal team, honor your organization, or motivate your customers, our illustrations have got you covered. They’re perfect for communicating complex ideas in an eye-catching, simple way that people are sure to remember. And you can do so much with them – sleek posters, building-sized murals, take-home prints, and dazzling presentation slides are a few of the ways our clients have put our drawings to work.

Our experienced team will take you through the process of breaking down your content into its core ideas, creating rough sketches to lay out your content and working on a visual style that perfectly fits your brand and culture. Sound good? Get in touch, and we’ll explore the best way to show off your ideas.


Our drawings break down complex concepts and large amounts of information into seamless and intuitively designed visuals. We listen to you to understand your content so we can present it in a way that communicates your ideas in the most effective way.


Audiences are often expected to remember an overwhelming amount of information every day. We draw attention to the key concepts and core ideas within your content using visual metaphors, so your audience can focus on what’s important.


Struggling to make your ideas a reality? Turn your plans into action by reminding your team of the power of their ideas through an enduring visual asset. Visuals trigger long-term memory, so you’ll go right back to the state of mind you were in when your plans were conceived.


Our drawings never fail to inspire an audience. Seeing your ideas manifested in a completely new way will energize your decisions, help you and your audiences make connections, and show you the right way forward.


People pay attention longer when their eyes and minds have something to do. When our illustrations are paired with a presentation, given as a gift or displayed at an event, people engage with your content on a higher level.


Visuals are crucial to spreading ideas – don’t throw your content into the online void of the internet. Tweets with images receive 150% more retweets than those without. Seeing eye-grabbing content makes your audience want to share, share, share.