Case study: Autodesk

internal communication illustrations


We’ve worked with Autodesk many times to create both live visual notes for their annual conferences and polished illustrations that act as internal communication pieces. Our visual language naturally fits in their culture of designers, engineers, and artists who use their products. Our digital illustrations have even made large-scale appearances at Autodesk’s One Team Conference and Autodesk University.

Autodesk approached Ink Factory to visualize the Product Information Modeling process to present at their conference. We worked with the team to understand the ins and outs of their processes so we could convey it accurately. The final visual was digitized and used in a Prezi animated presentation.

The speaker could easily click through each section, unveiling one part at a time as he spoke to it. We even created different versions of the illustration for different product markets within the company. The illustration was eventually printed for employees as a communication piece for the whole sales to team align on.

“They bring new ideas to the table and challenge us to think about how we communicate our message, which we value greatly. This has led to a highly collaborative relationship in which the end results exceed what we originally set out to achieve.

Above all, the Ink Factory team has developed a level of trust in which we can rely on them to work independently and deliver great results in time for some of our most important events.”

Steven Hooper | Senior Director, Strategy + Marketing