Oh, the Places (and Surfaces) Our Markers Will Go!

Every client project we support is unique ­– and that means we need to have a wide selection of materials to choose from. We’ve traveled the world with our markers and have used many different surfaces to bring our client’s ideas and words to life. From chalkboard to ultra-thin LED lightboxes, every project presents a great opportunity to add an extra “oomph.”

The magical, durable, and responsible Eaglecell

An artist creates visual notes at Chicago Ideas week next to a panel discussion

An Ink Factory artist draws visual notes on a large scale living mural at a conference

Our go-to surface is Eaglecell (also called Falconboard). This biodegradable and recyclable material comes in any shape or size. It also has the perfect surface for our water-based or oil-based markers. These come in ¼” or ½” thicknesses and are super sturdy – allowing us to build long living murals or towering pillars of the final visuals.

Slick, shiny, erasable whiteboard

Two artists create visual notes on a whiteboard at MATTER's innovation space in Chicago

Ink Factory co-founders, Dusty, Lindsay, and Ryan, honed their visual note-taking skills while working within management consulting. Their primary surface was a super slick whiteboard. A very popular fixture in most offices today, whiteboards have come a long way. Companies like IdeaPaint have cornered the market with their super durable and adaptable IdeaPaint Pro whiteboard paint. We have several areas in the studio painted with this magical liquid. Using whiteboards and whiteboard markers are a great way to be a bit more flexible when visualizing those intense brainstorm sessions. Plus, for those who are still learning the art & science of visual note-taking, the erasable surface lets you experiment and make mistakes while visualizing in real-time. Learn some of our tips and tricks with your whiteboard in this previous post.

Not your standard old school chalkboard

An artist creates an illustrated mural on a chalkboard

When we swap our usual white surface with a jet black surface, we usually draw with bold white lines. Changing things up by using chalkboard paint or simple sheets of black foamboard creates an impactful presence in a conference room, venue foyer, or main plenary stage. For these special projects, we use simple chalk markers which come in an array of colors. When dry, they can be overlaid with a pop of color using our standard Neuland markers.

Illuminate your ideas with our LED lightbox panels

Two artists work on a visual notes timeline on top of an illuminated LED panel

An artist creates live visual notes on a yellow illuminated LED panel in front of a crowd

Talk about illuminating your ideas! Our ultra-thin LED lightbox panels are 100% custom crafted in Chicago, and they create a bright foundation for our real-time visual notes. These beauties are a great way to pack a punch in your tradeshow booth or main conference hall. The substrate can be overlaid with your branding colors, which allows for bold, vivid options when showcasing your visual conversation. LED panels can also be dimmed or installed with color changing lights, giving you infinite color and brightness options. Plus, one of the extra large panels uses less power than a standard 40 watt light bulb!

Go big or go BIGGER!

A woman walks past a printed wall mural illustrating the American Marketing Association's history

Two artists from Ink Factory paint a black and yellow mural on the exterior of the Violet Hour in Chicago

Sometimes our visuals need to stand the test of time (and weather). We can transform exterior or interior walls into vast arrays of visuals to tell a story or send a message to your clients or audience. We use materials that are perfect for any surface – from hand cut vinyl and wood materials to exterior paint. If you want to add dimension to a surface, we also have CNC routing capabilities to make your key ideas physically pop off the wall.

The unlimited (and fast) power of going digital

An artist draws live visual notes on a digital tablet

Digital visual notes being created for a huge crowd at the HR Tech 2017 Conference

Events often take place in massive venues filled with thousands of people. When size is a limiting factor for analog visual notes, we go digital. Imagine your keynote speech, panel discussion, or event kick-off visualized and projected 70 feet wide! By going digital and pairing with the A/V team, our visuals not only come to life on the big screen, but they’re also available for printing and downloading immediately after the audience applauds. This growing trend with our clients is a welcomed addition to our list of offerings. If location is an issue, we can also be tapped into the session virtually using screen-share software. Virtual digital visual notes are a great alternative for when you’re streaming to multiple locations or through a webinar platform.

Want to brainstorm new ways of creating visual notes with us? Give us a shout; we’re always excited to talk about new and exciting surfaces and techniques.