Visualize Your New Year’s Resolution

It’s a brand new year and you know what that means—New Year’s resolutions! This year make your resolutions become realities through the power of visualization.

Write it down

To make change, first you need to know what change you want to make. Take a few minutes to brainstorm all that you want to accomplish this year. This is an opportunity to dump all your hearts desires onto paper, so don’t censor yourself! Don’t get too hung up on the how either, or worry about your dream being too big—this first step is for fun!Visualize Your New Year’s Resolution

Concrete goals

Now, look at your list. When many of us think about what changes we want, we tend to speak in generalities: I want to read more; I want to be healthy; I want to save money; I want to travel more. But what do these statements really mean? Rather than being general, be specific! Instead of resolving to read more think about how much more you want to read and use that to set a specific goal: “I want to read one book a month in 2017.” So, review your list and see what the most attainable goals are, break them down into specifics (don’t worry about the how), tier your goals and move on to the next step!Visualize Your New Year’s Resolution

Seeing is believing

You’ve got your list of specific goals—now what? Now it’s time to visualize! The first step is to organize your goals in a clear way. Grab a whiteboard, a large sheet of paper, or a poster board—anything big enough to house your resolutions. Rewrite your goals using banners and containers to show hierarchy, while also using connectors to link ideas and pathways. Don’t like your handwriting? Check out our blog post for tips on improving your handwriting, and while you’re there, check out our Graphic Recordings to “leverage” ideas for using images rather than words. Don’t want to draw? That’s okay! Find images online, in magazines and books, or take your own pictures to add to your board! Don’t worry about perfection here—the goal for this is to have something visual to reference while envisioning your future!Visualize Your New Year’s Resolution