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Real-time drawings that work for you

Ink Factory helps you engage your audience, employees and clients. We identify your most important content and bring it to life through drawing. To do that, we create real-time visual notes at events, craft detailed illustrations, and tell stories through animated videos.


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visual notes

Drawings created in real-time using simple words and pictures. Perfect for wowing audiences at live events like meetings, trade shows, and conferences.

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Custom classes for all ages on how to think, learn and communicate visually by drawing. Improve your memory and cognition with visual note-taking.

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Drawings that we create with your team to communicate a complex message. The digital final product can be projected, printed, or wallpapered on your office walls.

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Pictures that pop off the page to tell your organization’s story. Time lapses, stop motion, and digital animations are all tailored to your company’s culture.

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People love working with us


You'll love working with us

"900 conference participants, 3 days, agility, professionalism, and whole lot of fun! Our participants can't stop talking about you!"

Laura Nations, Project Manager at Grant Thorton

"They bring new ideas to the table and challenge us to think about how we communicate our message, which we value greatly."

Stephen Hooper, Senior Director for Manufacturing at Autodesk

"Ink Factory's work is one of my absolute favorite elements of our event and I can't imagine not using them for years to come."

Whitney Roberts, TEDx Organizer at North Central College

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You're in good company

The companies we work with know that visuals are the key to engaging employees and customers.2019 Client Logos

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We’re wired to understand visuals

Your brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text. Visual notes support how we’re naturally wired. In fact, 65% of us learn better visually.

We’ve got the evidence to back up why visuals are going to transform the way you think and communicate.

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Why visual notes activate audiences

The Powerful Science Behind Visual Note-Taking. Sign up to download the latest article from visual thinking experts.


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“This is incredible. To listen to an hour-long talk and create this simultaneously is just remarkable.”

Steve Dolinsky @stevedolinsky

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