2012 SAP InnoJam – Crime Scene!

Well, there’s a first for everything! Dusty recently hopped on over to San Francisco to scribe very very very quick (seriously, less than five minutes!) presentation for the 2012 SAP InnoJam. The InnoJam is 30-hours of hands-on experience on SAP’s coolest and newest innovative technologies with on-site SAP domain experts. Participants learned about SAP technologies, collaborated and co-innovated with fellow SAP enthusiasts, and developed prototypes of solutions to real business cases.
For this particular presentation, which was a collaboration with Capgemini Australia, Dusty visualized Peter Chapman’s brainchild, Detective HANA, which uses SAP technology to rapidly collect and evaluate real-time data when a crime is committed in order to quickly solve and catch the criminals. And she got record it while standing behind the iconic “Crime Scene” tape! Pretty cool!