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Lettering & Handwriting For Live Visual Notes

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Legible Letters

Creative and clear hand lettering is an essential part of effective visual note-taking. In this 90-minute workshop, a visual note-taker will take you through how to practice your handwriting to achieve crystal clear letters. They’ll also take you through how Ink Factory creates eye-catching hand-lettered titles for our visual notes.

Lettering can impact the mood and tone of your visual notes, reflect the content being discussed, and aid in the structure and organization of your page. We’ll take you through one live visual note-taking exercise, where you’ll incorporate the handwriting and lettering skills you learned, so some prior experience with visual note-taking or graphic recording will be beneficial, though not required.

This workshop is for people who want to learn this foundational concept of visual note-taking; we won’t be teaching other skills essential to taking visual notes in this workshop. If you’ve already taken our visual note-taking 101 or Brainstorming workshops, this workshop will be a good way to further develop your note-taking skills.


We taught this workshop with accessible materials in mind:

Something to draw on:

  • Can be a sketchbook, or loose paper, but make sure you have a lot of blank pages to work with.
  • The bigger, the better, but make sure your page is at least 8.5"x11.”

Black markers to write with:


  • Color markers that won’t bleed when used with your black markers (one light color, one medium color, and one dark color are suggested).
  • Correction tape

Dry-erase boards will work well in place of paper, but make sure you have enough makers with plenty of ink.

If you have experience with and want to use a drawing tablet, you are welcome to, but know that it may be more difficult for you to share your work out with the group unless you have an easy way to screen share from your device. We won’t be speaking about how to draw with or use a tablet.


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"I really like the concepts and looked for ways to integrate them into my work and life."

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