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Visual Note-Taking for (Virtual) Meetings

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Want to better engage your people during long meetings? Visual notes will help you switch people’s focus from their phones and laptops to what’s actually being discussed. In this 3-hour workshop, we’ll give you some basic skills to get you started taking visual notes in meetings.

We’ll give you the lowdown on basic visual note-taking skills:

  • A brief overview of physical and digital tools
  • Listening skills
  • Organizing your notes
  • Visual icons

And we'll walk you through how to take notes in these types of meetings:

  • Informational or update meetings
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Strategic planning

When you can take visual notes in meetings, you’ll be able to engage your colleagues with the power of visual communication. The benefits of taking visual notes for meetings include:

  • Allowing team members to feel heard when they see their ideas represented
  • Make better connections between ideas, and see patterns emerge
  • Better remember what was discussed after the meeting with an easy-to-read visual
  • Spark more ideas in an organized way during brainstorming sessions
  • Draw a clear plan in strategy sessions
  • Easily annotate with follow up items and assign tasks

We’ll be speaking to and demonstrating drawing both on paper and digitally–the foundational skills for note-taking in meetings is the same whether you’re drawing virtually or analog. We'll focus on how you can use an iPad, Procreate, and Zoom for a great virtual meeting experience.

You don’t need previous experience with visual notes to participate. If you’ve taken our Visual Note-Taking 101 or Brainstorming workshops, this workshop will be a good way to hone your skills and practice fundamentals, but there may be some content overlap.


We’ll be teaching this workshop with accessible materials in mind.

Something to draw on:

  • Can be a sketchbook, or loose paper, but make sure you have a lot of blank pages to work with.
  • The bigger, the better, but make sure your page is at least 8.5"x11.”

Something to draw with:

  • A standard pencil and eraser
  • A smaller, fine tip marker
  • A larger, chisel tip marker
  • A larger, bullet tip marker


  • Correction tape

Dry-erase boards will work well in place of paper, but make sure you have enough makers with plenty of ink.

If you have experience with and want to use a drawing tablet, you are welcome to, but know that we won’t be speaking about how to draw with or use a tablet.


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  • A printable handwriting worksheet
  • A pdf of visual meeting formats
  • A reference sheet of icons for meetings

"I am very excited to take more workshops! My colleagues are thrilled about my visual notes. That's very gratifying as I have taken this up on my own."

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