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Drawing for Visual Notes: Your Visual Library

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Demystifying Drawing

For many of us, drawing can be intimidating! But drawing is also the magic behind visual notes – visuals better engage our brains and help us remember more information. Learning how to draw basic visuals can take your notes from boring to clarifying, engaging, and memorable.

At Ink Factory, each artist has a “visual library” in their brains that helps them draw quickly for live visual note-taking. In this 90-minute workshop, join an Ink Factory artist as they take you the steps to draw our staple visuals, as well as how you can start to improvise visuals for your own visual language. You don’t need experience with visual note-taking to participate in this workshop.


We’ll be teaching this workshop with accessible materials in mind.

Something to draw on:

  • Can be a sketchbook, or loose paper, but make sure you have a lot of blank pages to work with.
  • The bigger, the better, but make sure your page is at least 8.5"x11.”

Black markers to write with:


  • Correction tape
  • Color markers that won’t bleed when used with your black markers (one light color, one medium color, and one dark color are suggested).

Dry-erase boards will work well in place of paper, but make sure you have enough makers with plenty of ink.

If you have experience with and want to use a drawing tablet, you are welcome to, but know that it may be more difficult for you to share your work out with the group unless you have an easy way to screen share from your device. We won’t be speaking about how to draw with or use a tablet.


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You'll also receive:

  • A printable handwriting worksheet
  • A visual icon reference sheet

"In all honesty, I was terrified. I chose this workshop specifically because my weakness is drawing, but the workshop was so enjoyable I was over my fears and having fun by the end!"

Drawing for visual notes participant