6 Most Memorable Moments from Chicago Ideas 2016


Ideas were shared, fun was had, and inspiration was sparked at this year’s Chicago Ideas Week. Once again, it was an honor to sponsor the event as graphic recorders for every single talk and conversation. As we look back on the week, there seven top moments that we’re glad we didn’t miss.

1. Seeing our talented students at the Think Like Ink workshop

We had a fabulous group of participants this year at our Chicago Ideas lab. We took everyone through the foundational pillars of graphic recording – from active listening to typography – and they nailed it!

2. Seeing Chicago Idea attendees snap selfies in front of our LED wall

For the second year at Chicago Ideas, we created an illuminated “step and repeat” for participants to take photos in front of. But that’s not all – participants were interviewed by Ink Factory artists, and then their answer to “Which Ideas Will You Activate?” was drawn on the plexiglass panels. After all, capturing ideas is what we do best – and sharing ideas is what Chicago Ideas Week is all about.

3. Rounding off the Edison Talks with a conversation between Rahm & Ariel Emanuel

The mayor of Chicago made a surprise visit to the Edison talks, while Brad Keywell was interviewing Ariel Emanuel (his younger brother). Ari & Rahm talked about their childhood – Ari struggled with dyslexia as a child, but was able to turn his failures and emotional pain into joy and a successful career. Truly an inspiring conversation!

4. Creating our second Spanish-language graphic recording for La Nueva Mayoría

We were very happy that we had the capability to create visual notes for Chicago Ideas in Spanish! One of our past interns, Esther, is a fantastic illustrator from Spain. She perfectly summarized the conversation, which was about the shifting state of Hispanics and Latinos in America as minorities become the majority.

5. When Ghostface Killah performed during the Hip Hop talk at Cadillac Palace

After the Hip-Hop conversation at the Museum of Contemporary Art, the audience was lucky enough to see a performance by one of the most influential rappers of his generation. Ghostface Killah performed “C.R.E.A.M.” following the discussion about his career with the Wu-Tang Clan and the future of hip-hop and the music industry.

6. Seeing the ‘Color of Reality’ followed by an interview with Jon Boogz

At the Edison Talks: UP TO HERE, the audience was treated to a performance by choreographer and performance artist Jon Boogz, and he brought an incredible video with him. Jon spoke about the importance of unity within communities and how his art aims to start conversations about social issues.