Introducing Ink Factory’s Four-Day Workweek


In 2023, Ink Factory is adopting a four-day workweek!

Effective January 2, 2023, Ink Factory will be open Monday to Thursday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Time. We will be closed on Fridays.

We understand visual note-taking is always in demand–Fridays included. Rest assured our team will continue to deliver live visual note-taking services on Fridays.



A win for well-being

From the start, Ink Factory has prioritized employees’ whole-body wellness. We believe that to do our best work for others we must take time for ourselves. Our four-day workweek affords employees one paid day off a week to recharge, feel inspired, and uncover new creative outlets. So that when we’re working, we can provide our clients–YOU–with even more awesome visual experiences.


Making work, work better

In 2022, we piloted a four-day workweek with impressive results. We streamlined processes, reevaluated essential meetings, and maintained productivity. (A finding that resonates with other 4DWW adopters.) In fact, we delivered a record number of visual experiences. We’ll continue to monitor to ensure the way we work, works–for our team and clients.


Getting in touch on Fridays

If you send us an email or leave a message on a Friday, we’ll respond promptly on Monday morning. If your inquiry is about visual note-taking services scheduled for that day, your artist and project manager are on call and always available.

Our four-day workweek journey is just beginning. Follow along on social media to see how the team puts its day off to use, and what we’re learning along the way!