Apeel Sciences

Apeel Sciences’ products can increase the shelf-life of avocados, citrus, and other types of fruit by using a tasteless, edible coating made from plant materials.

Apeel’s team reached out to us with the need for an engaging visual to complement a video of their founder and CEO, James Rodgers, discussing Apeel’s definition of quality produce, and how they plan to keep innovating their standards of quality and measurement into the future. The goal of this video was to educate their audience and catch the interest of potential partners.

For a relatively long video, a visual notes-style animation was the way to go. Having an artist draw the content alongside the voiceover of a video is a more economical way to create engaging animated visuals. They’re much like our live visual note-taking, however, the client has the ability to give feedback and sign off on the visual before it is animated.


How does a visual notes style animation work?

To create a visual notes style video, our artist will listen to the voiceover provided (or read through a script) and create a rough sketch. We’ll work with the client to order the visuals, which shows the progression of the animation. After the rough sketch is approved, the artist will refine the drawing to create a final illustration. The beauty of this method is that clients receive two assets in one offering: a polished still illustration that can be printed and shared digitally, as well as an animated video.

When the visual is approved, the artist will record each element being drawn, and then combine those recordings together into one animation. The client will review the timing of the animation, give feedback, and then the video is done. This process is much faster than our standard animation offering and is great for longer videos or organizations on a budget.

Apeel incorporated the video into this blog post with the intent to educate potential partners on their philosophy of quality. Watch the full video here.