Energy BBDO

Digital animation

Energy BBDO approached us to create animated clips to supplement a video they were creating to recap their client’s 100-year history. They were not able to find historical footage to match certain parts of the script, so they turned to Ink Factory.

“The team we worked with was so creative and strategic, that each time we met with them, we were awed.”

John Paul Ward, Director

We leveraged visual cues from video footage provided, as well as inspiration from each decade’s culture, typographic styles, and popular art, in order to create a distinct style for each section of the video.

“It was the kind of project where you expected to need lots of conversations and way too many rounds of changes, but that didn’t happen. They far exceeded our expectations and would be a great asset to any project.”


This project was a unique opportunity to explore hand lettering throughout many decades – and we loved it! We animated over 15 clips and created 10 title cards for each decade. Energy BBDO’s team did a fantastic job integrating them with the existing historical footage.

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