PTC Servigistics

Simplifying a Complex Service Technology

PTC, a computer software services company,  had a complex product story that they needed to simplify. This story was crucial in communicating what they do to clients and their client’s customers. When talking with potential customers, PTC was finding it difficult to communicate the complexity in their technology services without getting instantly overly-technical and bogged down in details. They needed to make their offerings crystal clear–something our illustrations and videos are perfect for. And, creating an animation for the computer software services industry was a challenge that we were up for.


Simplifying complexity

To start, we created an illustration for PTC that they can use as a lead-in to more technical conversations. They started using the finished illustration as a tool in conversations with stakeholders. PTC saw better comprehension and understanding, and less getting into-the-weeds on complicated details. It allows both their associates and potential customers to see the “bigger picture,” so to speak.

“It is a fantastic visual framework to simplify complex technologies and business strategies.”

Bradley Rhoton, Marketing Manager, PTC Servigistics Business Unit

Standing out among computer software services

Because of the success of the illustration, PTC came back with a request for computer software services animation that explains what they do in more detail. Both the video and illustration were used at multiple conferences across the country, such as LiveWorx.  As a result, they received “unanimously positive feedback” from conference attendees and prospective PTC clients.

Associates at their trade show booths used laminated and printed illustrations as discussion guides for conference attendees. Having something to show attendees at the beginning of a conversation broke the ice. PTC found that people were “more relaxed when they saw the visual framework.” The video was also playing on a large monitor at their booth, which helped keep traffic at their booth longer. It also attracted more traffic that would have otherwise passed by, and engage people who approached more easily.


Keeping the organization aligned

PTC is using the video and illustration at more than just trade show booths–they’re using it for internal training, client kickoff meetings, and even partner training. They’re finding the video great for establishing relationships with clients because it “lays a base foundation for everyone to get on the same page.” PTC’s partners can also use the illustration and video to tell a consistent story. They hear PTC give their pitch with the visual assets, and can then use it in their sales cycles and training.

PTC even used the visuals as vignette posts on social media, mainly Linkedin. They saw a clear increase in social metrics:

“Sharing the animation vignettes through a LinkedIn campaign improved our click through rates and impressions by over 200%.”

PTC is a fantastic example of how clients can leverage visuals across their organization. Creating a visual asset, especially a video, is an investment. We’re happy to work with our clients from the start to create an animation that has a long shelf life and can be implemented throughout all avenues of your organization.