The Story of Wintrust

The History of Chicago's Bank

After previously creating illustrations for their annual shareholder report, Chicago’s Bank returned to Ink Factory with a request: Tell the story of their company in a way that also explains their unique structure. Wintrust provided us with a laid-back recording of their CEO and Founder, Ed Wehmer, telling the history of Wintrust. Their goal for this animation was to tell their story to both employees and the public alike, in a fun and engaging way.

“People have loved it – we’ve had a really good response.”

Jenny Celander, AVP Creative Services


We wanted to highlight Wintrust’s role in the Chicago community–how they engage and give back to each individual place where their banks are located, and how they tailor their services to each community.

We worked with our composer to create custom music that perfectly compliments the tone and feel of the video and was tailored to the three separate acts within the story.


Wintrust is a great example of how our clients can seamlessly integrate a video into a company website. And the video has a wide range of uses for Wintrust. They are implementing it into their onboarding process, as a way to align new hires on the history of the company and what makes them so unique. It’s also featured on their websites and social media channels both as a full video and spot artwork. And most innovatively, as mini-video business cards that Founder Ed can hand out to tell the story of his company.

We’re proud to say that this video was the recipient of 3 Silver Telly Awards for “Financial Services/Banking” “Art Direction” and “Use of Graphics.”