Visual Note-Taking Workshop with After School Matters

The After School Matters Graphic Design Program Teen Apprentices spent an afternoon with us in a workshop to learn more about graphic recording (aka visual note-taking), making animated videos, and how Ink Factory was formed. Additionally, we talked about how branding and identity are just as important as the normal business operations.

After School Matters® is a non-profit organization that offers Chicago high school teens innovative out-of-school activities through Science, Sports, Tech, Words and the nationally recognized Gallery programs.

They provide these programs through a network of public and private partnerships that include Chicago Public Schools, the Chicago Park District, the Chicago Public Library, and community organizations throughout the city. After School Matters has been recognized nationally for their innovative approach to coordinating city resources and delivering unique and diverse programs. Their hands-on, project-based programs expose teens to rewarding careers and help them develop marketable job skills.