Behind-the-Scenes of the Supplies For Dreams Video

We recently produced, created, directed and filmed a fun video for Supplies for Dreams, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing the educational experience for Chicago Public Schools (CPS) students. We were give full creative license to make this video compelling, simple and relevant to the information provided by Supplies for Dreams. First, we had a SUPER HUGE classic composition book hand bound in a convenient 16:9 format (perfect for our video format!). Here is Lindsay taking the wheel and doing some preliminary sketching in the studio. We always start with a simple black and white sketch and then decide to add color, bold fonts, final visuals, etc.
We also incorporated a combination of real objects and objects drawn onto paper to add a bit of dimension to the video. At the end, instead of stitching in a boring title slide, we decided to keep the theme going by hand drawing the title slides. This really ties everything together and lets the clients know that every video is 100% authentic by never using the same thing twice. Click through the photos to see our process of how we created this video!