Ink Factory Gives Back

At Ink Factory, we believe in more than just creating exceptional visual stories; we also strive to make a positive impact in our community. This holiday season, each Ink Factory team member supported a charity of their choice. The result? A collective effort to spread joy, touch lives, and make a meaningful difference in various causes across the globe that are close to our hearts.

Chicago Partners in Arts Education

Artist Reilly chose Chicago Partners in Arts Education and the donation supports an hour of workshops to 50 kids. “I was lucky enough to have after school arts programs when I was a kid to help foster a love for creating and an interest and appreciation of art. The idea that I can help get kids involved and interested in art with this donation is deeply moving and inspiring to me,” he said.

CAPE provides workshops of traditional, digital, performing arts, and more to kids who wouldn’t otherwise have access to the arts.

Chadwick Boseman Foundation

Kinshasa, one of our artists, chose the Chadwick Boseman Foundation because of Boseman’s influence on the Black community. “As a Black woman, I feel like he was so influential to the Black community and I really admire all that he stood for,” she said. “I also appreciate that he is the face of a foundation that helps creatives of color because I am one myself.”

Sarah’s Circle

Our Studio Coordinator, Tayte, chose Sarah’s Circle, a women’s shelter in the local community that provides housing, life necessities, and supportive services to help women permanently end their homelessness. The organization serves more than 600 women in need a year.

Chicago Survivors

Client Specialist Grace and artist Walli both chose Chicago Survivors, an organization that offers support and helps draw a map for families who have lost someone to homicide.

“Done with Donovan in mind, who was well-loved, incredibly missed, and worth thinking about every day!” Grace said.

“I chose Chicago Survivors in memory of our beloved Donovan Taylor whom I miss something awful, but who will always be with me. They were truly a beautiful, wonderful, and stunning person,” said Walli.

Wisconsin Literacy

Wisconsin Literacy is a nonprofit that works to strengthen literacy statewide. Artist Emma chose this organization because they provide adults and children with the tools to learn to read, understand math, earn GED credentials, better understand their health, improve spoken and written English, and to build work readiness skills.

Harriet Hancock Center Foundation

Artist Sarah chose the Harriet Hancock Center Foundation in honor of Donovan. The foundation provides a safe LGBTQ+ community and resource center in Donovan’s home state of South Carolina.


Director of Creative and Brand Experience Alison chose Transanta, a nonprofit that delivers gifts to trans youth in need, safely and anonymously. “In this moment in time, trans people, especially children, need to see love and support. We want to show trans young people that they are loved, and have chosen family around the world who care about them and want them to succeed,” says the nonprofit.

Coffee, Hip-Hop, & Mental Health

“I love their mission and what they are doing in the community,” said Director of Operations Teresa. Coffee, Hip-Hop, & Mental Health is working to remove barriers to access to mental health resources for disenfranchised communities and have raised funds to provide free mental health services for individuals and groups, and their donation-based coffee shop helps fund this initiative!


Co-founder and COO Lindsay donated to FEMME HOUSE, an organization that creates opportunities for women, gender-expansive, BIPOC, and LGBTQIA+ creatives in the technical and behind the scenes areas of music.

“I am donating in memory of DJ Don Crescendo! They were a brilliant, talented, creative, and caring human. They brought so much energy and light into the Chicago community, the LGBTQ+ community, the DJ and producing community, and beyond. I will miss their laugh and their hugs.”

Gilda’s Club

CMO and co-founder Ryan chose Gilda’s Club Chicago, whose mission is to uplift and strengthen people impacted by cancer by providing support, fostering compassionate communities, and breaking down barriers to care.

Lighthouse Foundation of Chicagoland

Dusty, our co-founder and CVO, chose the Lighthouse Foundation of Chicagoland, a Black, LGBTQ+ led, multiracial social justice organization that advances justice for Black LGBTQ+ people across Chicagoland through empowerment, education, and entertainment.

We hope you had a wonderful and merry holiday season and are so grateful for the opportunity to give back. Cheers to 2024!

With love,
The Ink Factory Team