Year End Internal Meetings, Done Right

It’s that time of year. The time when we’re all reflecting on the past 12 months and looking ahead to what’s possible in the new year. Goals. KPIs. Employee retention and incentives. Achieving live/work balance (we’re doing it with a 4DWW!).

Whatever you are planning for, Ink Factory can help you maximize year-end internal meetings and planning sessions.



Our graphic recording service has become one of the most sought-after tools to synthesize and strategize year-end internal meetings and planning sessions. From marketing and healthcare to tech and software – our artists’ incredible skills of listening, synthesizing, and visualizing your meetings in real-time are the perfect fit.

Are you thinking about ways to improve your communication with your audience, employees, and clients? Let us be your visual sounding board. There’s no better way to capture all of the important details and key ideas than with visuals.



In fact, our live graphic recording service is the perfect foundation for an outward communication illustration to share with those who need to be informed – like key shareholders, your c-suite team, and customers.

Your most important internal meetings will benefit from visuals because words are difficult for the brain to retain and images are concrete and more easily remembered.

That’s because visuals are processed by our brains 60,000 times faster than text! And, we remember about 20% of what we read, 10% of what we hear and a whopping 80% of what we SEE! Now, imagine the combination of a year-end slide deck, all of your group genius together, and one of our skilled artists in the room. Magical.



Do you have year-end budgets to “use it or lose it”? Perfect! Let’s schedule a time to talk about what’s possible.

To find out why Ink Factory is the secret sauce for clients like Amazon, Google, Survey Monkey, and even Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer, simply click to schedule a call with someone from our sales team!

After all, 365 days is a LOT to reflect on and a mountain to plan for! Let’s do this!


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