Introducing Sketchbook Videos: A More Engaging Approach to Explainer Videos!

We’ve all seen traditional explainer videos. Canned animation. External narration. Predictable plot. Somewhere along the way, explainer videos all started to blur into sameness.

At Ink Factory, we don’t subscribe to the sea-of-sameness style of production. That’s why we created Sketchbook Videos. Hand-drawn explainer videos that are custom-created for each client. No stock imagery here!

Our visual note-style explainer videos stand out–on social media, at your next event, on your website, and more. And, they’re quicker and more affordable to create than traditionally animated explainer videos. (Amazing, right!?)

Okay, enough explaining. See for yourself how Sketchbook Videos come to life:

If you’re ready to rethink boring explainer videos, read on for ideas on how to use Sketchbook Videos in your business.

Increase social media engagement

Short, hand-drawn explainer videos are a creative way to introduce new products and services to fans on social media. We do it all the time at Ink Factory–like this reel introducing our latest Drawing for Beginners course on Skillshare.


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Break up boring presentations and slides

One of our favorite things to do is help companies swap text-heavy slides for video content. Meetings, events and conferences are full of opportunities to make this switch. Consider putting Sketchbook Videos to use to:

  • Introduce the agenda (and revisit throughout the day)
  • Welcome keynote speakers
  • Depict processes or complex information
  • Preview what’s next during breaks and intermissions


Reinvent the traditional recap

Note-taking happens in so many settings–from keynote sessions and sales training to daily stand-up meetings. In some instances, simple written notes will suffice. Other times, a video recap will ensure the content is memorable and shareable.


Explain complex information–and elicit action

Our clients are having success with Sketchbook Videos on social, too! Visuals are really effective at making complex or data-rich information more accessible to a wider audience. Accessibility matters even more when your goal is to elicit viewers to take a specific action.

Create training materials that employees want to watch

Since our Sketchbook Videos are quick to create, you can easily infuse company culture, personality and imagery into employee training videos. This helps you to connect emotionally with employees and supports their retention of key information. A win-win!

“We had unanimously positive feedback. Partners and clients asked us to share it with their teams and they want to use it in their training activities to help others understand Servigistics better.”

-Bradley Rhoton, PTC


This is just the start! We can create Sketchbook Videos to meet any need or goal you have in mind. Our artist team is here to help. Send us a message to schedule a call. We can’t wait to create something awesome together!

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