Meeting iIlustrations help you get back to in-person events

With a wealth of experience helping hundreds of Ink Factory clients around the world, Teresa Rawlings, our Director of Operations, understands that transitioning back to in-person events should feel like riding a bike. Even though it’s been a while, you got this! Here are some simple ways meeting illustrations can make your return to in-person better than ever, and how you can get the most out of them  (with insight from Teresa herself!).



We create visual experiences that inspire and engage – and that’s backed by science! Supporting an on-site event with meeting illustrations can be done digitally or analog. Both have benefits that align with the outcomes your audience, employees, and attendees are hoping for.


A meeting illustration being drawn at the front of a meeting room


Clarify what the meeting illustrator is doing

In just one sentence, your meeting facilitator, conference emcee, or event host can double the ROI of hiring a graphic recorder. We’ve supported hundreds and hundreds of events around the world – virtual and in-person. The events that make space for an introduction to who their visual note-taker is and what graphic recording means almost ALWAYS have a higher engagement rate during and after the event.

“Making people aware that the meeting notes are being created in real-time is one of the fastest (and zero-cost) ways to elevate the audience engagement, insight, and understanding of the content.”

–Teresa Rawlings, Director of Operations at Ink Factory


An artist draws a meeting illustration in a small meeting


Physical meeting illustrations are great for in-person meetings

Being more innovative with your meetings and events doesn’t necessarily mean going full-on digital with your visual notes! We often design from the goals event planners set for their clients. Engagement, lead generation, and creating a unique experience is often at the forefront of our client goals. Simple artist boards, markers, and an artist on-site is a wow factor that cannot be accomplished with a PowerPoint.


“Having tangible visual notes for keynotes, breakouts, meetings, and trade show booths allows participants to walk up and move around YOUR content immediately after the session is over.”


“People love to see what they’ve heard and learned in a different way, and our visual notes are perfect for that.”

–Teresa Rawlings, Director of Operations at Ink Factory



An artist creates meeting illustrations live on a white board


Consider the full picture

We’re a visual communications partner – which means we are keen on making sure your meetings and events are engaging and interesting before, during, and after. How are you connecting with your audience before the event? How do you create a visual ecosystem that connects pre-event, during the event, and after the event experiences?

Some of our most successful events integrated our visuals before attendees stepped into the conference room or tradeshow floor by integrating our hand-drawn illustrations and video services that tie in with the real-time visual note-taking experience during the event. And recapping the entire event in a simple collection of visual notes makes the entire event memorable and exciting long after it ends.

If you’re ready to get back in the swing of live events and in-person meetings, we can help. Connect with our artist team and let’s visualize something awesome together.

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