Why Hiring a Graphic Recorder for Online Meetings Is Game-Changing

Visual note-taking (also called scribing or graphic recording) is already established as a powerful tool at conferences, meetings, trade shows, and all different kinds of events. These live-drawn notes, created by a graphic recorder, improve an audience’s understanding of content and help them remember it long after. Forward-thinking clients are requesting that our graphic recorders work digitally, now more than ever; they use our digital visual notes to energize webinars, support keynotes, and reinforce important concepts during panel discussions.

Why have a graphic recorder draw your virtual meeting?

On top of all the engagement-boosting benefits that visual notes have to offer, our digital version of visual notes is perfect for virtual meetings, remote conferences and online events of all kinds. Why? Because we can draw remote digital visual notes on your screen anywhere in the world!


Digital graphic recording on iPad

What does a digital graphic recorder do?

Our artists listen and draw visual summaries of conversations without knowing your content ahead of time. That’s because we’re active listeners and have developed a large visual language that allows us to draw quick visual recaps of just about anything.

Using a digital drawing tablet, we’ll connect to your remote event software of choice (we recommend Zoom for a great visual note viewing experience) and draw alongside your meeting or presentation in real-time. You can choose to showcase the visual notes the entire time to see them slowly develop, or to just show them a few times.


Example of a virtually created visual note


What do virtual graphic recordings look like?

The drawings we create virtually look very similar to our traditional visual notes, they’re just done with pixels instead of markers! We also have more flexibility when tailoring the color and branding of digital graphic recordings to your organization.

In remote meetings, virtual graphic recordings can look like the webinar below:

Digital graphic recorders integrate into any presentation

Our artist connects their drawing tablet to your team’s remote meeting platform (any platform with screen-sharing capabilities). That gives your team the power to put the live visual notes on screen at any time. Show the visuals for the length of the presentation so the audience can see them develop, or show them intermittently throughout a meeting or presentation. You’ll have the option to give room to other slides and visual aids the speaker might have already prepared.

Visual notes for an HR Technology conference drawn by a graphic recorder


Graphic recorders help you activate social media

Visuals are an essential part of any brand’s activity on social media. In fact, tweets with images receive 150% more retweets than tweets without images (source). Sharing visual notes from your event on social is the perfect way to activate your event hashtags in real-time.

A graphic recorder draws live at a non-profit event
From The National Multiple Sclerosis Society, 2018

Digital means instant turn around

Digital visual notes provide a fast way to share content with your audience. We can save an image as soon as it’s finished, and upload to your sharing platforms such as Dropbox or Google drive. Then you can email your audience with digital copies of your visual notes, reminding them of the powerful ideas they just experienced! If you’re using the remote meeting tool Zoom, then you can also share a real-time recording of how the visual notes unfolded.

Visual summaries mean better post-event momentum

When employees, clients, or event participants see content visualized, they get a mental bookmark that helps them remember the key takeaways from your event or meeting. Visual notes help improve comprehension, which allows them to move forward with a clear path of action. Plus, seeing a cool drawing from a meeting or presentation they just attended gives people a motivational boost!

Want to know how visual notes can integrate into your next meeting? Get in touch and we’ll work with you to create an eye-catching and engaging experience for your audience, employees, clients and more.