Thank You To All Our Friends Keeping Us Safe

To everyone who has joined together to stop the spread and flatten the curve during these tough times–thank you for working together to keep our communities safe! We wanted to show our support the way we do best: with visuals. Please share our thanks with your friends and loved ones who are on the front lines right now, working their hardest to keep us healthy.

Support Those In Need

If you’d like to contribute to support people in need right now, we’ve compiled a list of awesome resources that you can donate to:

Thank you to all hospital staff and emergency response people, and anyone taking care of other's medical needs now: nurses, surgeons, physicians, ambulance drivers, residents, EMTs, patient advocates, and doctors.

Thank you to all delivery people: drivers, postal workers, package delivery people, those running errands for friends, family and neighbors, and those delivering prescriptions.
Thank you to all involved in transportation: pilots and flight attendants, taxi drivers, rideshare drivers, train conductors, bike shops and bus drivers.

Thank you! To everyone keeping our communities safe: Military, firefighters, janitors and professional cleaners, law enforcement, first responders, waste management, EMTs and security guards.

Thank you to all of the unique businesses that make our communities thrive, and to everyone who has been furloughed: we miss you! We appreciate you! We can't wait to see you again!

Thank you to all medical suppliers and mental health professionals offering their online services: pharmacists, makers & distributors of COVID-19 test kits, companies shifting their focus to make medical supplies, and producers of personal protective equipment

Thank you to everyone providing us all with food: grocery store staff, food delivery drivers, distributors, farmers, grocery deliverers, restaurant workers providing takeout, and truck drivers.
Thank you to those keeping us informed: the CDC and WHO, doctors and specialists sharing data and proper safety precautions, journalists providing us with essential updates, and news, data & best practices being shared from countries around the world.

Thank you to all of the teachers out there: everyone teaching classes virtually, anyone offering free or pay-what-you-can virtual classes or webinars, dance & fitness instructors doing livestream classes, creators of webinars for technical skills, parents who have to teach from home, and music teachers and other teachers of creative subjects who are teaching online.

Thank you to everyone for staying home, sharing funny memes, helping out those who are in need, washing your hands, and staying virtually connected.