Creating Buzz-worthy Conferences with Visual Note-Taking

Visual notes created on a large scale living mural at a conference

The very first conference Ink Factory supported was the inaugural Chicago Ideas Week in 2011. It was an opportunity to showcase the benefits of our hand-drawn visual notes to thousands of people. It was also a great platform to find other ways to engage audience members beyond our standard materials. There are many different ways we integrate our visualization skills into a conference beyond live visual note-taking. We are constantly developing unique ways to engage your audience and make them excited to hear and share ideas.

Tickets, please…

At most conferences, the focus is usually on listening to keynote speakers, thought-leaders, and idea shapers. Incorporating large-scale, real-time visual notes can help people better remember and engage with the information those speakers share. A typical setup at a conference includes our eco-friendly artist boards, lightweight portable easels, and a position near the front of the room so our work is within the sightline of audience members.Visual note-taking can play a powerful role during educational tracks at conferences.

The years of experience which session instructors often bring to a conference is immeasurable – and we make sure that value is captured. Visual notes are an impactful way to help session attendees carry their learnings beyond the conference because, at the end of the session a bespoke visual of the key messages and content is created which can be photographed, shared, and even printed in real-time. Visual notes can even be shared with the speakers as a gift, to show them their ideas are valued.

Attendees gather around visual notes to take pictures after a keynote speech

Beyond conference breakouts

In addition to creating a gallery wall of your large-scale visual notes, we also have the capabilities to create a collaborative experience between our artist and conference attendees. From massive hand-drawn social media walls that follow your conference hashtags and personas, to building massive zones for interacting with the attendees one-on-one, we can help create space for attendee activation and call to action.Looking to get feedback from your customers or ideas from your community? Pose a question to your audience, which we write and illustration on our boards, and people can answer it as they walk by. We visualize their answers, leaving you with an organized and beautifully presented documentation of feedback – and your audience will literally see that their ideas are being heard. Collaborative experiences are always custom-crafted to match the size, brand, culture, and desired impact of your conference as well as blend in a healthy dose of WOW!

An artist touches up a living mural filled with visual notes

Visual notes created for a Pearson trade show booth

Stop, Collaborate, and Listen

From the front of an auditorium, to the foyer of a massive conference venue, to the plaza of a museum, we collaborate with clients and event designers to find the right amount of Instagram-worthy coolness when it comes to displaying information. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts: Our network of builders, welders, and technology-savvy makers allows us to create cool things like a pop-art sized composition book, backlit LED canvases, hand-painted murals on the sides of buildings, and many more. Conference attendees stop in their tracks when they see content displayed like never before.

Ink Factory holds up their BIG Ideas Sketchbook

Ink Factory works on a visual notes style mural for Chicago Ideas

Artists create visual notes on an LED wall

An Ink Factory artist draws visual notes on an LED wall at a tradeshow

Co-create creativity

You know your audience better than we do. Here are some questions to ask yourself and your team before integrating real-time visual notes or any other experiential project at your conference:

What is the theme of the conference? Is this an HR conference, tech conference, ideas conference? By understanding the theme and who you want to engage, we create experiences to keep these personas top of mind, even if you’re simply incorporating real-time visual note-taking.

How much space do you have for the final visuals? Our visuals pack a big punch when finished. How much space can you allocate to gallery the final output in a way that keeps attendees surrounded by the visual information?

What do you want to do with the finished visuals after the event? Speakers are hired to share their expertise. A great way to give back is to have the sessions visuals re-printed onto beautiful sheets of acrylic, archivally printed and framed, or even created into thank you cards.

Can we go beyond ink and artist boards? At Ink Factory, we have a plethora of ideas just waiting to be unleashed. Think about making a statement with the materials we visualize onto. Digital visual note-taking can be projected onto a massive screen and our backlit LED panels can illuminate hand-drawn ideas from attendees.

What is your overall budget? We understand budgets. And being resourceful to get the biggest bang for your buck helps elevate the investment. Many times, you don’t know what you don’t know. Find out what your budget is and we can help design a few concepts that best match the means to do so.

An Ink Factory artist creates live visual notes digitally during a keynote speech

Are you looking for the un-conference experience? Do you have any insight into new ways visual note-taking can be incorporated into the conference experience? Click here and let’s chat!