Live Drawings For Conferences

Whether in-person or online, we're able to bring life to your conference before, during, and after the event date. Refresh your line-up with the visual support of live note-taking and interactive pieces that engage your attendees in a new way.

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Bring impactful visuals to your conference

An artist creates virtual drawings for conferences

Digital Graphic Recording

There's a big need for visuals in the virtual world to help fight screen-time fatigue. Our visual notes are a flexible, engaging addition to virtual conferences that don't have the prestige of big venues or stages. Post-conference, the visuals make a great recap for attendees to revisit long after the event.

An artist creates in-person drawings for conferences

Live Sketch Artists

Enhance your sessions by putting us center-stage. Either traditional marker-to-artist-board or digital and on-screen, we can fit in seamlessly to highlight your program. After the session, display the finished product in a lobby or common area to let your attendees revisit and snap pictures.

Creative Trade Show Booth Designs

Help your brand stand out by having Ink Factory at your next event's booth. We can create an evolving mural or engagement board on the walls of your booth that helps you pop. Our live artists create a unique, interactive experience to attract a crowd and encourage them to engage with your company's expo booth.

Promotional Illustrations & Videos

Before, during, or after your conference, strengthen your communication content with a short animation or polished infographic. We can create promotional content like a series of social posts or an animation to encourage people to register. For support during virtual events, we can visualize assets like presentation slides, visual agendas, and virtual backgrounds.

“They are so communicative, highly organized, and on top of everything. We can't imagine our conference without them, they truly always bring it to the next level.”
Kelsey Jones, Marketing & Events Coordinator, Seattle Business Magazine

Interactive Visuals

Looking for a different, dramatic way to dress up your virtual or real-world conference space? Interactive, audience-driven visuals are a statement piece that draws attendees in and encourages their participation to create evolving, dynamic murals that come to life over the course of the conference.

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What clients & attendees are saying

Spread Your Message eyeball imagery
"I have LOVED watching the team from Ink Factory working on this masterpiece."

Clinton Perry, Marketing Manager at Autodesk

"The drawing, the resulting video, and even the PDF have turned into very productive assets for us. We couldn't be happier."

Doug Anderson, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Adobe

encourage conversation thumbnail
"The artists’ live-action drawing made our content more accessible, memorable, and compelling."

Mariza E. McKee, Partner at Kutak Rock LLP

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