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Our calendars have become oversaturated with virtual meetings, events, and webinars. So how do you create an engaging and meaningful online experience? Ink Factory creates real-time hand-drawn visuals that grab your audience's attention–helping them stay focused on your content.

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Our drawings for webinars include:

Virtual Visual Notes

Our artists work in real-time, creating unique visual notes drawn live for the length of your webinar. Audiences and presenters alike love to see ideas brought to life visually, and visual notes can be used long after the event to build your brand and engage your audiences.

Illustrated Presentations

For a polished presentation, our team can work with you to create an illustrated slide deck that pairs to your webinar presentation. We can create spot illustrations to accompany existing slides or full-screen illustrations that "build" to reveal a full scene.

“Ink Factory’s live visual notes wowed us and our webinar audience. I couldn’t believe the artist was drawing all our content on the spot!”
Shane Barker, Digital Media Strategist for Social Jack

Why visuals are great for webinars

Engage Your Audience

Unlike typical webinar decks, hand-drawn visuals grab attendees' attention and keep them interested throughout the duration of your webinar.

Clarify Your Content

Our artists listen and distill your webinar content down into its key concepts, illustrating them in a way that's quick and easy to understand.

Build Brand Awareness

Finished visual notes or illustrations are great for sharing with your audience after a webinar ends. Use your visual notes to create social posts, blogs, and more.

Virtual Visual Notes created for Social Jack's Webinar

See how our visuals transformed a webinar

We created two visual notes of Social Jack’s 45-minute webinars, adding visual interest, and heightening viewer engagement.

Their team said: "The visual notes were a great asset to share on social media to keep people talking about our webinar."

Read the case study

Watch our webinar on how visual notes can help you create more engagement.

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Spread Your Message eyeball imagery

“This is GOOD! Wow. So much to unpack in just one sheet! Awesome work.”

Attendee for UPMC's Intersectionality Matters webinar


“The artist illustrated our experience, so our people could focus on doing what they do best.”

Robert X. Fogarty, Dear World Founder

“It was super easy to integrate the visual notes into our online webinar platform.”

Dean DeLisle, Social Jack


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