Ink Factory Workshops Teach Students Visual Notes

This week Ink Factory welcomed Embarc students to our Chicago studio for a workshop to learn about the basics of visual note-taking! Embarc is a program here in Chicago that provides community driven, experienced based learning opportunities to students to prepare them for success. They’re the perfect partner – our Think Like Ink workshops are all about experienced based learning.

Embarc students learn how to draw basic shapes for visual note-taking

Learning the Basics of Visual Notes

We held the shortened, three hour version of our Think Like Ink workshop for elementary school students. Students learned:

  • How to turn basic shapes into visual icons for notes
  • How to improvise when drawing on the spot
  • Why drawing in your notes is actually beneficial
  • What typography is and how to use it in visual note-taking
  • How to use the visual language in your notes

A visual note-taker from Ink Factory gives students feedback

The students got a tour of the Ink Factory headquarters and a Q&A with two of the co-founders of Ink Factory – we touched on the history of visual note-taking and how you can create a business based around creativity. We even had a quick round of Pictionary with the students!

Students from Embarc draw visual notes in their Think Like Ink sketchbooks

The Language of Visuals

Our vision is to create a world where visuals are the universal language. Working with young students inspires us to do just that. Embarc definitely has a few future visual note-takers on their hands!

The group of kids from Embarc pose outside of Ink Factory in Chicago

Interested in one of our visual note-taking workshops? There’s no age limit for learning how to take visual notes. We’ll design something custom your organization.