Maestro Health

Digital visual note-taking and trade show booth

Real-time digital visual notes are rapidly becoming a favorite way for our clients to showcase their content at conferences. Maestro Health is a great example of how to push the creative limits of an event. They collaborated with us to not only create an entire trade show booth using our backlit LED panels for live interactions with attendees, but also for our real-time digital visual notes. As the speakers and panel discussions occurred, an Ink Factory artist was drawing using our large-scale digital tablet.

The visual notes were projected on eight massive screens for all 9,000 attendees, who got to watch the visuals develop as the session progressed. In order to download a digital copy of our visual notes, participants were encouraged to visit the Maestro Health booth in the convention hall. We had artists stationed at the booth, visualizing valuable feedback from Maestro Health’s potential consumers. By the end of the three-day event, our artists had covered over 250 square feet in visual notes.

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