Visual Notes Make Your Ideas Go Further

Ever been to an incredibly inspiring conference, only to have your big ideas and aspirations overrun by the daily grind when you return to your real life? It can be a challenge to turn big picture plans into a reality.

That’s where visual notes can help. Turn your plans into action by reminding your team of the power of their ideas through an enduring visual asset. Visual note-takers draw your content while you’re free to discuss, debate, and reiterate concepts and action plans. No need to take illegible notes that you’ll lose by the time you get back to your office.

Visual notes that have been shrunk down and printed on a piece of plexiglass for display

Chicago Trading Company turned the LED timeline we made for them into a plexiglass desktop takeaway.

An artist creates live drawings on an LED plexiglass wall

Multiple visual note boards from the Purdue Dawn or Doom summit

Purdue created a beautiful booklet about their event, interspersed with Ink Factory's visual notes to add interest to the book's design

Purdue University’s Dawn or Doom conference complied a book full of our visual notes, alongside detailed descriptions and ideas from every talk at their annual conference.

We typically draw on boards that are 3′ x 5′ – and we always provide you with a high resolution digital copy of your visual notes. That makes it easy to create many different kinds of takeaways after your conference, meeting, or trade show. Mini desktop versions, full wall murals, or a booklet of all your visual notes serve as an inspiring and useful reference when you’re formulating a plan of action.

Conference attendees are expecting the usual giveaways – cheap tote bags, ballpoint pens, visors, and t-shirts they’ll never wear. Instead of wasting your money on items that will be forgotten in a week, invest in the power of your own ideas. A printed copy of your visual notes stand out from the sea of repetitive conference freebies and remind your audience of your great ideas.

An artist creates live visual notes at Chicago Theological Seminary

Chicago Theological Seminary had their visual notes printed on canvases and hung in their offices in Chicago

Chicago Theological Seminary created canvas print wall artwork to inspire them everyday.

An illustrated black and white mural that fills the entryway wall at InnerWorkings in Chicago

InnerWorkings turned their company values and process into a mural their entryway. Now it’s the first thing visitors see when they come to the Chicago office.

Visuals trigger long-term memory, so you and your team go right back to the state of mind you were in when your plans were conceived. Inspired, excited, and ready to make change! Ready to inspire your team with the power of visual notes?

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