Graphic facilitation brings your ideas to life, visually


Two artists create live visual notes on a large mural

What is graphic facilitation?

Graphic facilitation is the process of drawing content summaries, maps, and strategies in real-time.

We work alongside meeting facilitators to create visual notes: hand-drawn representations of your content drawn live in meetings, conferences, seminars, and much more.

Incorporating visual notes into your meeting facilitation is a perfect way to turn meetings into productive sessions for idea generation, team alignment, and strategic planning.

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Why graphic facilitation?


Focus Meetings

The excitement of live drawing prevents boredom–and seeing the content of your meeting visually means everyone can stay focused.

Solve Problems

Visuals make it easy for everyone to start creatively problem-solving together. Seeing your content drawn out encourages more creative ideation.

Keep Momentum

Sharing and displaying visual notes after your event can re-engage your people to take action after your meeting or presentation ends.

Visual notes created in a meeting using graphic facilitation techniques

What People Are Saying

“Amazing work! We enjoyed having Emma at our meeting and we continue to enjoy her artwork after the event.”
Melissa Medal-Bissing, Marketing Coordinator at Montage

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Graphic facilitation services

Visual Notes

Also known as graphic recording or scribing, visual notes are drawn in real-time using simple words and pictures.

  • Perfect for wowing audiences at live events like meetings
  • Drawn live in the room at your event
  • Digital versions are provided in a high-resolution format


Digital & Remote Visual Notes

Digital visual notes have the same benefits as regular visual notes, but are created live on a digital drawing tablet.

  • Project at any scale and proportion for large audiences
  • Connect virtually for webinars
  • Any time, any place
  • Easy to share right after an event


Engagement boards are a great way to gain audience feedback

Engagement Boards

You pose a question to your audience, we draw their answers. People are delighted when they see their ideas come to life, live.

  • Attract attention at trade shows
  • Collect feedback from focus groups
  • Engage people at fundraising events


Living murals bring event attendees together and remind them of your content

Living Murals

A large-scale combination of live visual notes and pre-determined content that's drawn live on-site.

  • Fill an event space in a dramatic and meaningful way
  • Let people know what you're all about
  • Perfect as a gathering place for discussion and ideation


Workshops to learn graphic facilitation and visual notes


Bring the methodology behind graphic facilitation to your team.

  • Classes are custom, with options for all ages and industries
  • Improve your memory and cognition
  • Communicate better with your team
  • Taught by leading graphic facilitation practitioners
  • We also offer public workshops throughout the year for individuals


Visual Note-Taking Workshops to learn a graphic facilitation methodology

Clients know the power of using graphic facilitation and visual notes

Graphic facilitation engages everyone

Our clients know that graphic facilitation is a top tool for engaging their employees, clients and customers.2019 Client Logos

Drawing digital visual notes at a conference

Every event is a seamless experience

Planning Consultation


Planning Consultation

We'll plan on how to best incorporate our services into your event.

Dedicated Team


Dedicated Team

A dedicated project manager and artist will work closely with you.


Digital Copies

Along with the original notes, you’ll get digital copies you can print and share.

About Ink Factory

Graphic facilitation gives your work a boost

Before Ink Factory, our founders worked at management consulting firms where they helped large corporations solve problems and find new and better ways to work. Because of this, we “get” what clients are looking for:

Show tangible results. Graphic facilitation does a lot more than up the cool factor of a meeting. That’s why we give clients the tools needed to create a measurable impact before, during and after.

Personalized solutions that set you apart. That’s why we work with facilitators to develop custom visual experiences for every client. No cookie-cutter ideas here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you work on non-traditional materials (i.e whiteboard or walls)?

Yes! For most of our live events, we use a recyclable artist board called EagleCell. We can also work on whiteboards. Want something else? We will consult with you to find the most interesting or appropriate surface for your visual notes.

Can I have multiple artists?

Yes! For visual note-taking live events, we charge per artist, per day. Your project manager will let you know if the amount of content you want to capture, or if the visuals you want to generate will require more than one artist. If you have breakout sessions happening concurrently that you want to be captured, you’ll definitely need more than one artist!

Do you travel to events?

We love to travel! We have worked all over the world and are experts when it comes to traveling to meet our clients. It’s best to contact us as soon as possible so that we can start planning the support and get travel accommodations locked in–these costs are not included in our day rate.

you talk. we draw. it’s awesome.

Want to learn more about what graphic facilitation can bring to your organization? Send us a message and we'll chat about how our artists can help you achieve your goals.