Graphic recording

Graphic recording is the process of drawing a real-time visual summary using text and images. When you’re talking, we’re drawing. The result is a visual highlighting the key takeaways of your meeting, keynote, conference, training, pitch (and more) that you can display and share.

Graphic recording is great for:

  • Engaging event & webinar attendees
  • Boosting meeting productivity
  • Aligning & focusing participants
  • Making live content more memorable

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“Your work really elevated the event, and our team couldn’t be happier with the results! Nothing but praise for your professionalism, communication, and artwork.”

Mark Pavic, Marketing Manager at Duolingo

Conferences & Tradeshows

Event planners shine using our easy-to-integrate visual solutions. From trade show booth design to custom swag, we've got graphic recording services to wow your attendees and keep them engaged all conference long.

Presentations and Pitches

Graphic recording helps strategic teams and leaders boost their ROI and get their message across in a way that actually sticks. Your competition won't know what hit them.

In-person & Virtual Meetings

Stop hosting boring meetings. Leaders, teams, facilitators, and consultants get more value out of their initiatives with the power of graphic recording. Our artists are flexible, with both digital and in-person options.

Interactive Visuals

Looking for a different, dramatic way to dress up your virtual or real-world conference space?

Interactive, audience-driven visuals are a statement piece that draws attendees in and encourages their participation to create evolving, dynamic murals that come to life over the course of the conference.

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Graphic recording in action

black and white hand drawn icon to show how graphic recording drives engagement

Drive engagement

“The live notes installation was beautiful and helped our guests to engage with the event's theme around sustainability in a meaningful and interactive manner.”


black and white hand drawn icon to show how graphic recording inspires attendees

Inspire attendees

“No boring bulleted lists here! Their talents are unmatched and result in a stimulating takeaway from each keynote.”


black and white hand drawn icon to show how graphic recording encourages conversation

Spark conversation

“Everyone was absolutely fascinated by their work, in awe of their talent, and appreciative of the artifact to help us continue having discussions started at the conference.”



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Graphic Recording FAQ

What do I do with the graphic recordings as they are finished?

For in-person events, most clients display the finished visuals in a common area, gallery style. High-traffic areas are always great places to display graphic recordings. For longer, multi-day events, our artists can connect boards to create stunning engagement murals. Displaying the visual notes together creates a central hub of information and ups engagement throughout your event. Attendees also love to know how they can access the visuals after the event ends, so sharing that information with them throughout the day can build excitement and engagement.

What can be done with the graphic recordings after the event?

We provide you with high-resolution digital versions within two business days after the event. The digital versions are perfect for post communication with your attendees and speakers such as newsletters, white pages, and integrating into your website or blog. They may also be printed as physical mementos of the event (like on super cool plexiglass replicas, shirts, water bottles, etc). Our team will handle all of the shipping of the boards to your event. However, Ink Factory does not handle the shipping of boards post-event. After the event, they’re yours to keep and facilitate shipping.

For live events, does the artist have to be on stage?

The artist does not have to be directly on stage, but we recommend that the artist be placed in a visible area for a more engaging experience for your audience. This also ensures the artist can hear the speaker without interruption. We don't recommend placing the artist in the back of the room, as that may encourage people to turn around and look away from the stage.

Do I need more than one artist?

The more artists at your event, the more we can do for you. Your project manager will work with you to find the right fit for supporting your event. They will discuss the amount of content you want to be visualized, breakout or parallel session support, and any other enhancements we can provide for your conference or event to make sure you get the most value from your artists.

How much does graphic recording cost?

The cost of our services varies greatly depending on where your event is located, how long it is, if you opt for digital or in-person services, how many artists you'll need, and more. We work with each of our clients to create a custom proposal based on their needs and how we can best meet their goals within their budget. Get in touch with our client specialists today for a free consultation!

you talk. we draw. it’s awesome.

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