Graphic recording is a  better way to engage audiences



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What is graphic recording?

Graphic recording (aka visual note-taking) is the process of drawing a summary of a speech or discussion while listening in real-time. Graphic recordings are the resulting documentation, used to help people remember and communicate the content presented. They are usually characterized by a combination of hand-drawn text and iconographic imagery.

Graphic recording is a powerful way to transform the way organizations engage their employees, customers, and clients. We'll work with you to achieve your goals through the power of drawing.

virtual visual notes on a laptop

Virtual Graphic Recording

Ink Factory’s artists aren’t limited to paper and markers. We can create graphic recordings digitally, and stream them anywhere in the world–wherever your audience is.

Just like traditional graphic recording, drawing in meetings will help you maximize participant engagement, clarify complex concepts, generate more high-quality ideas, and keep the momentum going from your meeting for longer.



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Graphic recording brings your ideas to life, live

Graphic recorders are not only expert illustrators–they’re expert listeners. Graphic recording (we also call it visual note-taking) is done live, so when you’re talking, we’re drawing. The result is a visual summarizing the key takeaways of your discussion. We can create one visual or many–it all depends on your event and agenda.



How graphic recording has helped our clients

See how organizations spanning from non-profits to Fortune 100 companies use graphic recording.

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Drive Engagement

“The live notes installation beautiful and helped our guests to engage with the event's theme around sustainability in a meaningful and interactive manner.”


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Inspire attendees

“No boring bulleted lists here! Their talents are unmatched and result in a stimulating takeaway from each keynote.”


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Spark conversation

“Everyone was absolutely fascinated by their work, in awe of their talent, and appreciative of the artifact to help us continue having discussions started at the conference.”



We've got your back

Planning Consultation


Planning Consultation

We create a plan with you for how to best incorporate graphic recording services into your event.

Dedicated Team


Dedicated Team

Your dedicated project manager and artist will work closely with you throughout the process.


Digital Copies

Along with the original graphic recordings, you’ll get digital copies you can print and share.

you talk. we draw. it’s awesome.

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