We drew live visual notes for The American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in 2018 for their annual assembly. After seeing how visual notes could communicate complexity so effectively, AAPM&R wanted us to create an in-depth infographic illustration for them about the future of Physiatry.

AAPM&R started their PM&R BOLD initiative three years ago, with a goal of creating a unified vision for their specialty.


An easy-to-understand infographic illustration

This vision is complex, with influence from many stakeholders, and can be challenging to explain quickly and simply. The team from AAPM&R wanted to help the physicians in this medical field see this vision and make them want to pursue it. They needed to tell their story with an infographic style illustration. This illustration needed to communicate the baseline of the BOLD initiative quickly and simply.

“Our cancer rehab team has been saying ‘we’re gonna pole-vault’ on conference calls!”

Meagen Arensdorff, DIRECTOR of marketing


We worked with the AAPM&R team to develop visual metaphors that would resonate with their audience. They came to us with a track and field theme, and we ran with it (pun intended). We work with our clients to create content that will strike a chord. Infographic illustrations can help drive cultural change–comparing each clinical area of physiatry to a different track and field events have sparked cultural success at AAPM&R.

After implementing the Team Physiatry illustration on their website and social platforms, the team saw a very positive response online–their partner organizations and volunteers continue to share the illustration and join the conversation about PM&R BOLD.

Find yourself in #TeamPhysiatry by checking out all of our BOLD #physiatrists at bold.aapmr.org!

Tweets about the AAPM&R Illustration Infographic

AAPM&R further leveraged our Team Physiatry illustration by using the characters we created for promotional materials across the web. We love when our clients find multiple uses for the work we create for them!

See how AAPM&R is implementing the full illustration at https://bold.aapmr.org/