American Marketing Association

Entryway mural in downtown Chicago

Creating a large-scale mural for the entryway of the American Marketing Association was a fantastic opportunity for our team.

The American Marketing Association, AMA, reached out to Ink Factory to help design a timeline to include the 100 years of the AMA. They wanted to create a solution for a bank of elevators that opens up to their new space in the heart of Chicago. We collaborated over two times zones with a great team from AMA in order to create a piece that honored and celebrated their 100-year history.

Our creative team was able to transform each major event into an engaging illustration, and iconography used in each illustration was also utilized to create a unique background tying all of the illustrations together. The finished artwork was then printed on sturdy vinyl wallpaper that was applied to the wall and framed off with molding.

The mural we created is the first thing you see when the elevator doors open on the 22nd floor. Now everyone can become well versed in AMA’s history –and all while waiting for the elevator!