Fehr Graham

An Illustrated Presentation for Employee Investment

Fehr Graham, an engineering, environmental, and funding solutions firm, came to us with the goal of reframing what growth means for their employees. Like many organizations, Fehr Graham uses revenue as the key performance indicator of growth. But in order to deepen employee investment in growth goals, they wanted to clearly tie their goals back to leadership opportunities. An illustrated presentation is a clear way to help employees understand the why and the how of any goal, and get them excited about it–especially a goal as important as growth.

Illustrations Clarify Complex Journeys

We worked with the leadership and marketing departments at Fehr Graham to develop an illustration that answers two main questions for employees: the why and the how around growth. Illustrations allow organizations to show their employees a yet-to-be-realized future state. Employees can literally see how all the parts of their organization will look when they reach their goal. This was the perfect way for Fehr Graham to make their 2024 vision clear and concrete for their employees.

It’s always important for us to consider the form that our illustrations will eventually take. Fehr Graham knew they wanted a building illustrated presentation, so they could speak to each point to further clarify in meetings and employee training. The final presentation takes employees all the way from the “how” and the “why,” and into the future.

We provided the Fehr Graham team with flexible artwork files, which they used to print the illustration large scale to showcase in their offices–a great reminder and way to focus team members on their future vision!