Puppetize Digital

We worked with the marketing team at Puppet to create a branded visual experience for their first Puppetize Digital virtual conference. Puppet knew that in the virtual conference landscape, they needed to stand out: Illustrations and videos can break up the monotony of remote meetings–they catch attention, helping brands to stand out and differentiate.


The first challenge: Creating visual assets

To execute their marketing campaign for the conference, Puppet needed a cohesive collection of visuals they could leverage across different platforms: branding for their site, posts on social media, and more. We worked with the team to create flexible illustrations that spoke to the conference’s key selling points, like their keynote speakers and topics.


The second challenge: A virtual welcome

How do you get attendees pumped for a virtual conference when they already spend all day on their devices? Our solution was an animated video (keeping in the theme of our branded illustrations, of course). Users would see the video after registration, as a way to engage them with all the conference had to offer.


The final challenge: Bringing a keynote to life

Our building illustrations can guide your audience through complex issues to help them better understand your message. For Puppetize’s virtual keynote, we created presentation slides to illustrate the key points of CEO Yvonne Wasserman. As Wasserman hits each key point, the illustrations reveal another layer. Building illustrations are so much more engaging than traditionally designed slides–so audiences are more likely to actually pay attention to your speakers and understand what they’re saying.