Say hello to the new Ink Factory Studio!

We’re so excited to share some shots of our newly redesigned studio space. We collaborated with Perimeter Architects – an award winning design firm based in Chicago – to create our headquarters. The studio is now totally open and collaborative – we can host workshops, film videos, and brainstorm ideas on almost any wall. The “fishbowl” is one of our favorites parts of our new studio – it’s a calm and inviting mini conference room at the front of the studio that’s surrounded by glass.

Perimeter also incorporated personal touches into our space, like designing desks that work for sitting or standing, and even a little “lounge” for our studio dog, Whisky Tango Foxtrot.

Make sure to check out the video that we created for Perimeter that showcases their incubator, Sardine Lab, and book a seat in one of our upcoming workshops so you can experience our studio in person!