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Learn visual note-taking


Why learn visual note-taking?

A world where visuals are the universal language–that's our vision for the future, and something we're working towards every day. Empowering yourself, your students, and your teams to think and communicate visually leads to a world where we can all better understand each other.

Learning visual note-taking has so many benefits:

  • Strengthen your verbal & visual communication skills
  • Process and understand information
  • Easily get your ideas across to others in an impactful way
  • Explore your creativity!

Visual Note-Taking 101 LIVE!

Join the Think Like Ink team on August 12 for our first in-person workshop at the Ink Factory studio since returning to the office! Our full-day workshop will be a comprehensive visual note-taking overview, diving into many of the skills that are needed to take your regular notes to the next level.

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Icon Packs

Digital downloadable worksheets, containing 30 of our favorite hand-drawn icons for visual note-taking.
Learn to draw the icons yourself with a handy step-by-step drawing guide, or use them as an icon set for presentation slides, documents, teaching materials, and more.

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Participants holding up their collaborative drawings while learning how to take visual notes

Visual Thinking Workshops

We've got workshops ranging from the basics to learning how to implement visual communication into your life and at work. Working professionals, educators, students, and all visual thinkers will find it easy to communicate with our visual language.

There are two ways to learn:

Watch past workshops
Private workshops


$499 $349 | 6 hours

Visual Note-Taking 101

The perfect workshop for new drawers who want to go all-in on learning visual note-taking. All our fundamentals of visual note-taking in one workshop.



Start Learning Today

Want to learn visual notes for yourself but don't know where to start? Here's our recommended reading & viewing list (in order) to help start you on your journey.

How To Improve Your Handwriting drawn in a sketchbook

Improve Your Handwriting

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Hot to use color to take better color notes

Use Color to Take Better Notes

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Learn Visual Notes Step-By-Step

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