Live drawings for presentations

Are you working hard on a project, pitch, or proposal to make sure your ideas are presented at their fullest potential? Hand-drawn visuals are the best way to grab your audience's attention and keep them focused on your content. Watching the drawings come to life in real-time is a proven way to make your presentation more memorable.

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We can create custom visuals before or during your presentation

Digital Graphic Recording

If your presentation is happening during an online event, our artists can connect to your virtual platform and draw along live. Graphic recordings are a welcome dose of creative inspiration in the monotonous virtual work landscape.

Live Sketch Artists

Our artists work with markers, creating unique visual notes drawn live for the length of your presentation. Audiences and presenters alike love to see artists bring ideas to life by drawing.

Illustrations for Presentations

For a polished visual, our team can work with you to create an illustrated, building slide deck that pairs with your presentation.

Animated Presentation Videos

Incorporate a video explaining a new process or initiative into your presentation. Videos are the most engaging way to present your content.

“We had a tight deadline and a high-pressure, live whiteboard presentation in front of 3,000 people, and Ink Factory delivered big time.”
Doug Anderson, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Adobe

Why visuals are great for presentations

Impress Your Audience

Unlike typical slide decks, hand-drawn visuals grab attendees' attention and keep them interested throughout the duration of your presentation.

Clarify Your Content

Our artists listen and distill your presentation content down into its key concepts, illustrating them in a way that's quick and easy to understand.

Stay Memorable

Visual notes, illustrations, and videos are great for sharing with your audience after a presentation ends. Use your visuals for newsletters, social posts, and more.

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What our clients are saying

Spread Your Message eyeball imagery

“Our attendees were amazed at how well the artist visualized the messages from each presenter’s session.”

Kelley Shannon, Bozzuto

“Ink Factory interpreted our words and inked our vision. They walked 1,000 of my colleagues down a path of learning like it was nobody's business.”

Sean Manzanares, Autodesk


“The entire Ink Factory team is easy to work with when coordinating details and never fail to prepare and follow-through, making our event team very happy!”

Susan Mooney Cusick, Chicago Theological Seminary


Knock your next presentation out of the park.

Client Highlight

A live team training

We worked with Autodesk to develop an illustration that their sales team can use to train their team on important new company strategy at their annual employee conference. Read the case study to see what we created and why they trust us to deliver great results in time for some of their most important events.

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