Meet Ian, Ink Factory’s Spring 2014 Intern

Meet Ian! He is a recent graduate of Columbia College with a degree in Illustration. At Ink Factory, our goal is to harness the power of learning by doing to give our interns the opportunity to gain experience in graphic recording, producing an ActionSketch Video,communicating with clients, and gaining insight into how to run a business. Being an intern with Ink Factory is also a great way for us to build a stronger network of talent and harness a fresh perspective to help evolve our rapidly growing industry. We’re excited to have Ian on the team, and can’t wait to collaborate and watch him grow as an artist.

Here is what he has to say about himself and his work: “My Illustration experience and skills center around graphic storytelling through detailed imagery, I do most of my work by hand by penciling and inking traditionally, and then digitally treating the work though different Adobe Suite programs. My focus in illustration consists of editorial illustration, storyboarding and printmaking (screen printing, woodcut etc.) and some animation/motion graphics. I love to sketch and doodle and have developed a very fast, accurate hand when exploring ideas at the sketching/pencil stage.”