Take a Look at the Murals We’ve Created

At Ink Factory, we’re not only visual note-takers; we use our skills in visual note-taking, illustration and animation to make visual experiences that inspire and engage. Recently, more and more companies are seeing the value in communicating through visuals, with videos, social media posts, and even murals in their offices.

Hand drawn mural on the chalkboard walls at Ink Factory

We’ve been lucky to work on quite a few office murals in Chicago, and we can see why they’re getting more popular. A mural created by visual note-takers can communicate your organization’s vision and mission to both employees and visitors. Visually appealing artwork that affirms your organizations values? Yes please! Here’s a look at the murals we’ve drawn in the past.

Chalkboard mural on the wall at Ink Factory Studio in Chicago

Ink Factory Studio’s Chalkboard Murals

That’s right, we started with our very own award-winning studio, located in the Bucktown neighborhood of Chicago. Almost every wall surface can be drawn, written, or scribbled on, including the chalkboard walls in our kitchen and meeting room. Take a look at the black and white mural that we drew freehand on the walls! Making use of the intimate space was also a reason why the American Institute of Architects awarded our space with a Citation of Merit for the Small Projects Awards in 2016.

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Artwork created for Land of Lincoln Health's office mural


Land of Lincoln Health’s Office Mural

Creating a mural for one of our clients starts with creating the artwork. For Land of Lincoln Health, we designed artwork for three walls that was later printed on vinyl as a wallpaper and applied to each wall section.

Two walls contained illustrated quotes, and the other was a timeline of their history. Our favorite part was getting to draw Lincoln!

The entrance of the American Marketing Association in downtown Chicago

The AMA’s Entryway Mural

The American Marketing Association needed to liven up their entryway in the downtown Chicago office, so they turned to us to visualize their 100-year history.

A close up photo of the AMA illustrated mural

Our creative team was able to transform each major event into an engaging illustration; and iconography used in each illustration was also utilized to create a unique background tying all of the illustrations together. The finished artwork was then printed on sturdy vinyl wallpaper that was applied to the wall and framed off with molding.

The elevator area is filled with the illustrated history of the AMA

The mural we created is the first thing you see when the elevator doors open on the 22nd floor. Now everyone can become well versed in AMA’s history –and all while waiting for the elevator!

InnerWorkings’ Chicago Office Mural

InnerWorkings wanted an engaging way to explain their business philosophy and how they work with clients. We created a full wall mural in their entryway visualizing how they “Make Marketing Happen,” complete with their product lifecycle, offerings, and even client testimonials.

The drawing was created as a vector image, which allows the print quality to be clear and crisp, printed on large scale vinyl wallpaper, and adhered to the wall.

The Violet Hour’s Hand Painted Mural

We were so excited to have the opportunity to create a mural on the façade of a staple of Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood, The Violet Hour. The Violet Hour is one of the most beautifully designed bars we have ever been in. It’s just down the street from our studio and features some of the most decadent and classic cocktails and light nibbles in the city.

To create the Violet Hour mural, we cut larger than life letters from plywood that read “A Community of Curiosity.” We collaborated with Means of Production in Chicago to use a CNC router to cut the letters. We then painted the letters and wall a bright yellow donated by Sherwin Williams. Once our base was dry, our entire team of artists used brushes and black paint to visualize the year’s theme for Chicago Ideas Week. Curious onlookers have to take a step back to read the cutout letters in Lindsay’s script lettering. The mural took about 2.5 days to complete with the help of our whole team.

An artist draws on a living mural for Cardinal Health

Looking for something a little more interactive than permanent? Our living murals are a combination of live drawing and pre-planned illustration, and are an awesome way to communicate your ideas, capture audience feedback or activate a space at a conference, trade show, or organization-wide meeting. Interested in having Ink Factory fill the walls at your headquarters? Get in touch and we’ll discuss the best way to liven up your workspace through drawing.