Ink Factory’s first full page ad in Fast Company!

One of our favorite publications, Fast Company Magazine, just released their famous 100 Most Creative People in Business issue! Inside, you’ll find a plethora of movers and shakers in every industry of business. There are too many to list as our favorite person from this issue. But, if forced to, we might put Ceelo Green on the tippy top of the list. He’s featured on the cover.

One more thing you’ll find inside of this awesome issue is Ink Factory’s very first full-page ad! We collaborated with well-known, NYC-based art director, Diego Marini, to help us create the image and layout of the ad. We wanted something that didn’t scream “WE DRAW FOR A LIVING”, yet, we didn’t want something that would blend in with the other ads in the issue. What we wanted was an ad that fit into Fast Company Magazine effortlessly, yet maintained the wit, humor and designful mindset we appreciate. Of course, placing the ad in the middle of Ceelo’s article isn’t too shabby either!