Grace Hanson

Client Specialist | she/her

This is Grace! She originally helped out at Ink Factory as our studio coordinator, and now she is a beautiful butterfly of a project manager.

Grace originally hails from Minnesota, but she manages to hide it until she has to say the word phone (“PHO-uhn”). She moved to Chicago for college and will start laughing if you ask her what she majored in. Grace joined Ink Factory in the summer of 2018, and we’ve been raising her as our own ever since.

She has a wit dry enough to kill your houseplants (which may explain the dead succulents on her desk), and she’s often asking if anyone else would drink some coffee if she made some. In her free time, she bakes adequate cookies, brews beer, and looks for excuses to go to IKEA. She doesn’t know her neighbors by their real names, only by their dogs’ names.