Joanna Quealy

Client Specialist | she/her

Joanna was raised in Chicago's best Western suburb - Elmhurst! After 2 years at Northern Illinois University she knew she wanted a more urban vibe and completed her BA in Public Relations at Columbia College Chicago. While at Columbia she interned at the Illinois Arts Council and set herself on a path of working in not for profit arts and academia. At Columbia College's Center for Community Arts Partnerships she managed a program that supported first generation college students and introduced her to so many amazing community arts organizations in Chicago. She is excited to be working with creatives again!

In her 'free' time - quotes because she's a boy Mom so there's no such thing as free time - she teaches yoga, torches calories and finds joy at Pom Squad fitness classes, drives her kids clear across the city & back again so that they are well rounded citizens of the world, (re)organizes all the stuff in her 100 year old house in McKinley Park, reads, takes walks, catches concerts, reviews her husbands amazing spreadsheets and witnesses his inspiring fitness flexes.