Sarah Goone

Artist | she/her

Sarah's diverse background in illustration, animation, and puppetry has made her another valuable member for client projects and creative initiatives in the studio.

Sarah spent her childhood in the north suburbs of Chicago, taking art classes, drawing, and performing every chance she had. With a lifelong love for visual and performing arts, she graduated from Bennington College with a BA in art, animation, and puppetry. Sarah then returned to her home city and spent a few years as a freelance artist. She's very excited to join the Ink Factory team as a new talent!
Outside of Ink Factory, Sarah can usually be found on her bike, playing banjo, painting, trying to make her own clothes, building puppets, or cooking (not all at the same time...yet). She can also tell you a lot of weird facts about Chicago's history from her days as a tour guide of the city.