Teresa Rawlings

Director of Operations | she/her

Though a born and bred Midwesterner, Teresa made her way to Chicago via Memphis, TN where she lived for over a decade. Teresa has a BLS in Gender Studies and a MA in Women’s Studies from the University of Memphis where she worked as a project coordinator at the Center for Research on Women, and an instructor for the University.

Teresa also spent her time in Memphis promoting education and awareness on issues pertaining to violence against women.

Ready to get back to her Midwestern roots and enter a more artful career, Teresa moved to Chicago and became Ink Factory’s first employee. As Director of Operations, Teresa wears a variety of hats at Ink Factory and has her hand in just about everything.

Teresa spends her free time with her husband, working on miscellaneous DYI house projects, and taking various classes around the city from dancing to voice-over acting to storytelling. She loves to organize, is a sucker for office supplies, and much to the horror of the rest of the Ink Factory team—she doesn’t mind a good ballpoint pen!