Black-owned businesses and nonprofits that work for racial justice are eligible to receive one day of visual note-taking.

We’re so excited to be able to commit 2% of our revenue in 2021 towards offering these free visual notes. As our leadership team guides us through 2021 and beyond, we will maintain a metric that holds us accountable for donating our services each year.

This is just the beginning of our commitment to the fight for racial justice. We'll continue to find ways to ensure we live up to our vision: a world where visuals are the universal language. For everyone.

We've hit our maximum capacity for this quarter! We are accepting waitlist applications for events in November-December of 2021.

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Visual notes help you tell your story, achieve your goals, and inspire others to get involved.


You’ve got big goals–and the road to achieving them isn’t straightforward. Visuals help you present your ideas in a way that’s concise and easy-to-understand for everyone.



Keeping teams aligned is essential to accomplishing your goals. Visual notes become a central reference point for events–anyone can look at them, and at a glance, know what’s been discussed.



Seeing your content brought to life through live drawing inspires your audience to learn more, take action, and get invested in your organization.


“We have the final images hanging throughout our building, inspiring ongoing conversation well past the actual conference.”

How it Works

Black-owned businesses or nonprofits that fight for racial justice are eligible for one full or partial day of visual note-taking. We are currently offering virtual visual note-taking services for virtual events like webinars, meetings, remote conferences, and so on.

An artist connects to your virtual event, and you’ll be able to stream their notes as they are drawn live (or, you can share the visual notes after the event as a recap). Free services are subject to availability. If we don’t have availability on the day of your event, we would love to talk about what future events we can support. The more lead time you can give us, the more likely it is that we’ll be able to support your event.

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Examples of our work


Client Spotlight

We worked with the Pennsylvania Care Partnership to visualize their session on Intersectionality in Healthcare in a virtual webinar presented by Sharon G.E. Washington.

"It was such a pleasure to collaborate with Ink Factory. This was my first time having my work transformed into a visual like this. I absolutely love what was created!"

Sharon G.E. Washington



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